The Search For Order

A Horn In the Front. A Horn In the Back.

After fending off a pack of wolves, Riardon, Victor and Dyland are surprised when they begin to smell the rotting pungency of Leatherneck nearby. Their old comrade bursts from the woods and rejoins them… much to their chagrin. Shortly, the group tracks down the forest’s unicorn and Dylan is able to tame it after it hypnotizes Leatherneck and teleports around a grove. The party brings the unicorn back to Rabbit Run, where Victor struggles to convince Uli and Thell Saud that peace between Rabbit Run and Enfield is in both of their interests. He succeeds, though he gets the feeling that Saud is up to no good still. Saud agrees to meet the party back in Llorkh, after they broker peace between the tribes. Uli reveals to the party then that Torm’s gauntlet (also known as Duty’s Gauge) is kept within the cavern of the blue dragon Egostrausse. After a night’s rest they ride back to Enfield to arrange the diplomacy. O’ak is shocked to see Leatherneck now with them, as they were fellow hatchlings. He refers to Leatherneck as the “cracked egg” and chastises his sibling for lacking honor and being a savage. He then offers Leatherneck absolution: if the party is able to recover the ritual sword from Egostrausse’s cave, the dragonborn will then be considered honorable again. Feladonna, recognizing how important this is, agrees to act as a broker between Enfield and Rabbit Run, while the party raids Egostrausse’s lair. They head out, approaching the stream leading to the dragon’s dam. Several Sahuagin huts line the dam and the party sneaks up on a patrol of the creatures, worshippers of the blue drake. After a close fight with these fish-men, they party ropes their way into the dragon’s cave. Despite sneaking up on him, Egostrausse is no pushover and almost kills Dylan in the ensuing combat. The tide turns when Victor dives into an electrified pool of water, recovering both Duty’s Gauge and the ritual lightning sword. He charges Egostrausse with these artifacts, while Riardon and Leatherneck flank the beast. Finally, after a tumultuous battle the dragon tries to escape, only to be slain by Victor’s last blow.

Flooded Corruption

In the middle of the night, Victor, Riardon & Dylan decide to leave Leatherneck behind. They come to this decision because of his recent bouts of anger and chaotic violence. They ride from the Prairie Beetle Inn to the town of Loudwater, hoping to find answers regarding the Zhenterium and the cult of Sune.

In Loudwater they meet Feladonna Fey, the tiefling priestess of Sune. Feladonna knows about the cult they encountered, but she is horrified to find out about their kidnappings. She tells Riardon that the cult is an offshoot of a refugee camp she proselytized to about Sune. She asks to be escorted there, to ensure no further perversions of Sune’s teachings can occur.

The party also tracks down the Zhent agent mentioned in a letter found on Molloc’s corpse. His name is Thell Saud and he is a flamboyant, rich half-drow cad who they find in an extravagant inn called the Grinning Eagle. They believe they have tricked him into believing that they are also Zhenterium. Even though they have a badge and the proper information, he asks them to accompany him on a mission to prove their worth.

Dylan escorts Feladonna to the refugee camp called Enfield, while Riardon and Victor stick with Mr. Saud on his trip to the “Rabbit Run” dwarf village. Both locations are located in a stretch of forest and hills near the city of Llorkh. The dwarves were pushed out of Llorkh when the Zhenterium took over. Since then, they have built a large dam that slows the flow of water through the area’s streams. This allows them to mine silver for the production of magic items. They are led by a female dwarven shaman named Uli Castor.

When this dam was built however, the build up of water flooded the valley below that housed many small villages of shifters and dragonborn. This included an underdark system of tunnels where displaced clans of drow and svirfneblin were living. The survivors of this massive flood have banded together at the Enfield refugee camp. They live in utter poverty, barely surviving. Mysteriously, they are all afflicted with the beginning stages of “withered genitals” that the heroes found on the previous cult of Sune. Feladonna had previously brought the religion of Sune to them as a missionary, but she now believes something or someone has corrupted her teachings.

The characters are given separate and conflicting orders. This is because the Enfield refugees and the Rabbit Run dwarves are in a bitter dispute over who can live in this forest. Thell Saud wants them to prove their worth to the dwarves by killing Enfield’s idol of worship, a massive cave bear named Masura. The refugees in turn want help killing the dwarves idol of Mielikki, a beutiful unicorn. Feladonna is dismayed that followers of Sune would even think of killing such a creature.

Cleverly, the heroes tame Masura instead of killing him. They bring him to Enfield to convince the refugees that their dispute with the dwarves is unfounded. The Enfield leader, O’ak the dragonborn, reveals that a geriatric blue dragon named Egostrausse lives nearby in the dam. The refugees believe the dragon’s lair holds an antidote for their affliction, a component for a ritual. The heroes also discover that Mr. Saud is the one who has been corrupting their religion, visiting the refugees in Feladonna’s absence. The heroes decide to similarly tame the unicorn, to hopefully convince the dwarves to also lay down arms against the refugees. On their way through the woods, tracking the unicorn, they are attacked by a pack of wolves, including one dire mother wolf.

Handless Death

After resting further the party (with Leatherneck again) descends beneath the Prairie Beetle again. They devastate the remaining “goblin” cultists living there. Riardon and Leatherneck chase Malloc down a rail track that runs miles underground. They eventually capture him. While this is going on Victor and Dylan battle a giant spider that was hiding in the cesspool of “goblin” waste.

After the adventure, Leatherneck wants to torture Malloc and begins by cutting off his hands. The party argues about his violent tactics. During the confusion Riardon sneaks upstairs and murders Malloc, effectively ending the dispute.

Withered Genitals

After resting long enough to recover from their wounds, the party learns from Padrea that Malloc sometimes sends slave girls to “tunnel people” who live below the compound. These odd creatures are reported to be wrapped in rags like mummies. Padrea agrees to take over the compound, employing the other slave girls, while Malloc’s remaining guards stay on as well. The party agrees to venture into the tunnels to end Malloc’s threat and recover a missing slave girl he sent to these “tunnel people.” Leatherneck opts to stay, recover from his hangover and protect the compound in the meantime.

Victor, Riardon and Dylan descend into the sandy tunnels. They find the terrain difficult and tight. In one chamber they discover a quicksand pit with a ribbon wrapped to it. Dyland agrees to cover his face and allow his companions to force him into the pit. After a few tries he makes it down, finding a sack of loot.

The 3 men descend further down the tunnels, encountering a group of the “tunnel people” led by a goblin paladin of Sune. They realize all of these creatures are mutated goblins, with albino skin and withered genitals. After defeating the paladin and her men, they find a bed chamber.

A mystical ward blasts them and blinds them as the goblin leader attacks. He proves extraordinarily difficult, but Dylan thinks to attack his armor’s straps, making him vulnerable. Slowly, the 3 fight and fight until the goblin chief is defeated. They also knock his concubines unconscious and bind them. His bloody plate armor is magical and they take it as loot.

Bar Fights and Brothels

In disguise, Victor, Leatherneck, Dylan and Riardon gather information from various pubs and thug hang outs in Waterdeep. They trick a contact into thinking they are Zhenterium mercenaries and he gives them coordinates for 3 locations. Of these 3, the party chooses to head to the desert wasteland of Anauroch.

For days they travel along the road, stopping in small villages along the way and having an odd encounter with a warforged fighter that appeared to have built companion robot beetles. Eventually, halfway to Anauroch they find themselves at a small rest stop compound called the “The Prairie Beetle.” Just before they get there they encounter a wounded merchant who claims his daughter was kidnapped and he was assaulted.

At the compound, Dylan and Leatherneck decide to hang out with nomads while Riardon and Victor get a good night’s sleep. Victor purchases a night with a slave girl named Padrea. But he does not sleep with her. Instead he hears her story and decides to free her. Dylan however, decides to purchase another slave girl and has his way with her. He does not get any diseases.

In the night, Leatherneck has a drunken brawl with guards. He wakes in the morning within a jail cell upstairs. Breaking out he finds the merchant’s daughter, also imprisoned. He frees her and they alert the guards, starting a long fight. His allies join him and narrowly defeat all of the guards. They also kill the cook accidentally. The sinister innkeeper “Malloc” escapes in the confusion.

Doppleganger Head Bags

After recuperating at the temple of Torm, the party decides to go back into Bystor’s mansion when Avante’s crew doesn’t come back out. Knowing what they’re up against, they recruit “Leatherneck” a Dragonborn war buddy of Dylan’s.

The four enter the mansion again only to find a spined devil gorging on corpses in the dining room. While fighting this creature, they realize that the bodies are those of the victims from the last battle here. Moving on through the house they find Avante and her father bound in one room and a group of drow servants in another. While trying to help these people escape the building, the party is surprised by an assualt; the “helpless” are all doppleganger rogues. A massive fight ensues in the hallway and the party barely manages to win. Leatherneck, displaying the instability of one who has seen too much carnage, beheads the dopplegangers, vowing to make handbags of their heads.

Dragging themselves to the last room of the house, the group finds a large workshop filled with half-built portals that lead to the Nine Hells. Another spined devil and an imp battle them, trying to drag individual members through the gates. The group narrowly defeats the devils and shuts down all of the portals save one. They follow the weakened imp through, into a landscape of ash and hardened lava. The remnants of a huge battle is strewn across the large wasteland, with fire raining from the red skies. Iron fortresses loom in the distance. Here Victor finds a majestic suit of black plate mail, with painted symbols in honor of Asmodeus, lord of the Nine Hells.

The imp leads the group into another portal, which leads down a long spiral staircase. At the bottom is a large laboratory, filled with portals and dopplegangers. Cadderli, Avante and Civil are bound and unconscious here. Lady Bystor is working here, alongside an abberant creature she calls a Psychophant. After vaporizing her imp, she proposes a deal. If Victor and his friends allow her to place their minds inside dopplegangers, she will let the others go free. Victor begins to sign a long contract, but Riardon and Leatherneck will have none of it, blasting their way through to release the prisoners.

Eventually Bystor is killed, though her body turns into a doppleganger when she dies. Cadderli manages to calm the Psychophant before it mindwipes Dylan. He then proposes that the group allow the Psychophant to still make a doppleganger “clone” of Victor, so that the Zhenterium will think he is under their control. The true Victor and his companions will have to go undercover, pretending to be something they’re not in order to track down the black network and stop their plan to invade Faerun with a legion of devils.

The Belly of the Beast

After a chemically induced flashback, the group collectively remembers a past wiped from their memories. As young adventurers they were hired by a wealthy entrepreneur named Fila Bystor to exterminate any “vermin” from a rotted old tavern she has purchased. Within the dragon shaped establishment the party finds a group of homeless squatters who seem to worship an “oracle.” This is revealed to be several imps in disguise, reading fortunes to the desperate. Before sending the imps back to the Nine Hells, they warn the party that Bystor is in league with devilish forces, intent to bring an invasion upon Waterdeep and Faerun.

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