The Search For Order

A Horn In the Front. A Horn In the Back.

After fending off a pack of wolves, Riardon, Victor and Dyland are surprised when they begin to smell the rotting pungency of Leatherneck nearby. Their old comrade bursts from the woods and rejoins them… much to their chagrin. Shortly, the group tracks down the forest’s unicorn and Dylan is able to tame it after it hypnotizes Leatherneck and teleports around a grove. The party brings the unicorn back to Rabbit Run, where Victor struggles to convince Uli and Thell Saud that peace between Rabbit Run and Enfield is in both of their interests. He succeeds, though he gets the feeling that Saud is up to no good still. Saud agrees to meet the party back in Llorkh, after they broker peace between the tribes. Uli reveals to the party then that Torm’s gauntlet (also known as Duty’s Gauge) is kept within the cavern of the blue dragon Egostrausse. After a night’s rest they ride back to Enfield to arrange the diplomacy. O’ak is shocked to see Leatherneck now with them, as they were fellow hatchlings. He refers to Leatherneck as the “cracked egg” and chastises his sibling for lacking honor and being a savage. He then offers Leatherneck absolution: if the party is able to recover the ritual sword from Egostrausse’s cave, the dragonborn will then be considered honorable again. Feladonna, recognizing how important this is, agrees to act as a broker between Enfield and Rabbit Run, while the party raids Egostrausse’s lair. They head out, approaching the stream leading to the dragon’s dam. Several Sahuagin huts line the dam and the party sneaks up on a patrol of the creatures, worshippers of the blue drake. After a close fight with these fish-men, they party ropes their way into the dragon’s cave. Despite sneaking up on him, Egostrausse is no pushover and almost kills Dylan in the ensuing combat. The tide turns when Victor dives into an electrified pool of water, recovering both Duty’s Gauge and the ritual lightning sword. He charges Egostrausse with these artifacts, while Riardon and Leatherneck flank the beast. Finally, after a tumultuous battle the dragon tries to escape, only to be slain by Victor’s last blow.



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