The Search For Order

Bar Fights and Brothels

In disguise, Victor, Leatherneck, Dylan and Riardon gather information from various pubs and thug hang outs in Waterdeep. They trick a contact into thinking they are Zhenterium mercenaries and he gives them coordinates for 3 locations. Of these 3, the party chooses to head to the desert wasteland of Anauroch.

For days they travel along the road, stopping in small villages along the way and having an odd encounter with a warforged fighter that appeared to have built companion robot beetles. Eventually, halfway to Anauroch they find themselves at a small rest stop compound called the “The Prairie Beetle.” Just before they get there they encounter a wounded merchant who claims his daughter was kidnapped and he was assaulted.

At the compound, Dylan and Leatherneck decide to hang out with nomads while Riardon and Victor get a good night’s sleep. Victor purchases a night with a slave girl named Padrea. But he does not sleep with her. Instead he hears her story and decides to free her. Dylan however, decides to purchase another slave girl and has his way with her. He does not get any diseases.

In the night, Leatherneck has a drunken brawl with guards. He wakes in the morning within a jail cell upstairs. Breaking out he finds the merchant’s daughter, also imprisoned. He frees her and they alert the guards, starting a long fight. His allies join him and narrowly defeat all of the guards. They also kill the cook accidentally. The sinister innkeeper “Malloc” escapes in the confusion.



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