The Search For Order

Doppleganger Head Bags

After recuperating at the temple of Torm, the party decides to go back into Bystor’s mansion when Avante’s crew doesn’t come back out. Knowing what they’re up against, they recruit “Leatherneck” a Dragonborn war buddy of Dylan’s.

The four enter the mansion again only to find a spined devil gorging on corpses in the dining room. While fighting this creature, they realize that the bodies are those of the victims from the last battle here. Moving on through the house they find Avante and her father bound in one room and a group of drow servants in another. While trying to help these people escape the building, the party is surprised by an assualt; the “helpless” are all doppleganger rogues. A massive fight ensues in the hallway and the party barely manages to win. Leatherneck, displaying the instability of one who has seen too much carnage, beheads the dopplegangers, vowing to make handbags of their heads.

Dragging themselves to the last room of the house, the group finds a large workshop filled with half-built portals that lead to the Nine Hells. Another spined devil and an imp battle them, trying to drag individual members through the gates. The group narrowly defeats the devils and shuts down all of the portals save one. They follow the weakened imp through, into a landscape of ash and hardened lava. The remnants of a huge battle is strewn across the large wasteland, with fire raining from the red skies. Iron fortresses loom in the distance. Here Victor finds a majestic suit of black plate mail, with painted symbols in honor of Asmodeus, lord of the Nine Hells.

The imp leads the group into another portal, which leads down a long spiral staircase. At the bottom is a large laboratory, filled with portals and dopplegangers. Cadderli, Avante and Civil are bound and unconscious here. Lady Bystor is working here, alongside an abberant creature she calls a Psychophant. After vaporizing her imp, she proposes a deal. If Victor and his friends allow her to place their minds inside dopplegangers, she will let the others go free. Victor begins to sign a long contract, but Riardon and Leatherneck will have none of it, blasting their way through to release the prisoners.

Eventually Bystor is killed, though her body turns into a doppleganger when she dies. Cadderli manages to calm the Psychophant before it mindwipes Dylan. He then proposes that the group allow the Psychophant to still make a doppleganger “clone” of Victor, so that the Zhenterium will think he is under their control. The true Victor and his companions will have to go undercover, pretending to be something they’re not in order to track down the black network and stop their plan to invade Faerun with a legion of devils.



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