The Search For Order

Flooded Corruption

In the middle of the night, Victor, Riardon & Dylan decide to leave Leatherneck behind. They come to this decision because of his recent bouts of anger and chaotic violence. They ride from the Prairie Beetle Inn to the town of Loudwater, hoping to find answers regarding the Zhenterium and the cult of Sune.

In Loudwater they meet Feladonna Fey, the tiefling priestess of Sune. Feladonna knows about the cult they encountered, but she is horrified to find out about their kidnappings. She tells Riardon that the cult is an offshoot of a refugee camp she proselytized to about Sune. She asks to be escorted there, to ensure no further perversions of Sune’s teachings can occur.

The party also tracks down the Zhent agent mentioned in a letter found on Molloc’s corpse. His name is Thell Saud and he is a flamboyant, rich half-drow cad who they find in an extravagant inn called the Grinning Eagle. They believe they have tricked him into believing that they are also Zhenterium. Even though they have a badge and the proper information, he asks them to accompany him on a mission to prove their worth.

Dylan escorts Feladonna to the refugee camp called Enfield, while Riardon and Victor stick with Mr. Saud on his trip to the “Rabbit Run” dwarf village. Both locations are located in a stretch of forest and hills near the city of Llorkh. The dwarves were pushed out of Llorkh when the Zhenterium took over. Since then, they have built a large dam that slows the flow of water through the area’s streams. This allows them to mine silver for the production of magic items. They are led by a female dwarven shaman named Uli Castor.

When this dam was built however, the build up of water flooded the valley below that housed many small villages of shifters and dragonborn. This included an underdark system of tunnels where displaced clans of drow and svirfneblin were living. The survivors of this massive flood have banded together at the Enfield refugee camp. They live in utter poverty, barely surviving. Mysteriously, they are all afflicted with the beginning stages of “withered genitals” that the heroes found on the previous cult of Sune. Feladonna had previously brought the religion of Sune to them as a missionary, but she now believes something or someone has corrupted her teachings.

The characters are given separate and conflicting orders. This is because the Enfield refugees and the Rabbit Run dwarves are in a bitter dispute over who can live in this forest. Thell Saud wants them to prove their worth to the dwarves by killing Enfield’s idol of worship, a massive cave bear named Masura. The refugees in turn want help killing the dwarves idol of Mielikki, a beutiful unicorn. Feladonna is dismayed that followers of Sune would even think of killing such a creature.

Cleverly, the heroes tame Masura instead of killing him. They bring him to Enfield to convince the refugees that their dispute with the dwarves is unfounded. The Enfield leader, O’ak the dragonborn, reveals that a geriatric blue dragon named Egostrausse lives nearby in the dam. The refugees believe the dragon’s lair holds an antidote for their affliction, a component for a ritual. The heroes also discover that Mr. Saud is the one who has been corrupting their religion, visiting the refugees in Feladonna’s absence. The heroes decide to similarly tame the unicorn, to hopefully convince the dwarves to also lay down arms against the refugees. On their way through the woods, tracking the unicorn, they are attacked by a pack of wolves, including one dire mother wolf.



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