The Search For Order

Withered Genitals

After resting long enough to recover from their wounds, the party learns from Padrea that Malloc sometimes sends slave girls to “tunnel people” who live below the compound. These odd creatures are reported to be wrapped in rags like mummies. Padrea agrees to take over the compound, employing the other slave girls, while Malloc’s remaining guards stay on as well. The party agrees to venture into the tunnels to end Malloc’s threat and recover a missing slave girl he sent to these “tunnel people.” Leatherneck opts to stay, recover from his hangover and protect the compound in the meantime.

Victor, Riardon and Dylan descend into the sandy tunnels. They find the terrain difficult and tight. In one chamber they discover a quicksand pit with a ribbon wrapped to it. Dyland agrees to cover his face and allow his companions to force him into the pit. After a few tries he makes it down, finding a sack of loot.

The 3 men descend further down the tunnels, encountering a group of the “tunnel people” led by a goblin paladin of Sune. They realize all of these creatures are mutated goblins, with albino skin and withered genitals. After defeating the paladin and her men, they find a bed chamber.

A mystical ward blasts them and blinds them as the goblin leader attacks. He proves extraordinarily difficult, but Dylan thinks to attack his armor’s straps, making him vulnerable. Slowly, the 3 fight and fight until the goblin chief is defeated. They also knock his concubines unconscious and bind them. His bloody plate armor is magical and they take it as loot.



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