• Avanté Jetsam

    Avanté Jetsam

    Avanté is the teenage daughter of Civil Jetsam. She is a magic user, who also specializes in rifle use.
  • Cadderli


    Elderly priest of Torm who aids the party. Mentor to Victor Fidelus.
  • Civil Jetsam

    Civil Jetsam

    A hard, middle aged mercenary from Waterdeep. Civil is the adopted father of Avante.
  • Feladonna Fey

    Feladonna Fey

    A priestess of Sune. Feladonna is sensual and attractive, at odds with the distortions of her tiefling heritage.
  • Fila Bystor

    Fila Bystor

    A wealthy entrepeneaur from Waterdeep, who may have shady connections to the crime world and the Nine Hells.
  • Foom Babbinge

    Foom Babbinge

    A homeless dwarf in Waterdeep, who later becomes an alchemical engineer of great intellect. Foom builds a steam powered ship that the party uses to travel across the ocean.
  • Koheer


    A duergar psionic who worked with Victor and Richard during their "lost" months. He was killed in action by Mr. Hearse, the necromancer of Luskan.
  • Nhelidah


    A tiefling wizard who was educated along with Riardon. She joined Victor and Riardon in some of their first adventures, but was taken to the Nine Hells in the thrall of a succubus.
  • O'ak


    Leader of the refugees at the Enfield camp near Llorkh.
  • Ot Deavo

    Ot Deavo

    Ot seemed to be a talking monkey man from the far east of Faerun, claiming to be a shaman of his people. But there might be more to this monkey...
  • Padrea


    The former enslaved prostitute at the Prairie Beetle Inn now runs the establishment and leads the harem there.
  • Richard Drake

    Richard Drake

    A dashing duelist with a naval background. Richard might be more than he seems....
  • Thell Saud

    Thell Saud

    This Zhenterium agent is flamboyant and aristocratic. He seems to get by on lies and subterfuge.
  • Uli Castor

    Uli Castor

    The dwarven shaman at the Rabbit Run village near Llorkh.
  • Verne Alu

    Verne Alu

    A hulking warrior, made entirely of plant matter and found amnesiac on the shore near Waterdeep. Verne works for Civil Jetsam.